dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

MozCamp 2009 in Prague

So that was it, the great MozCamp 2009 in Prague. What a delightful way to meet all the people who care about Mozilla, but also care about the (open) web.
William sure learned a lot from Barcelona last year and we ended up in a great venue in beautiful Prague. I really like to thank him, Irina and others who did a great job on organizing, giving useful information, getting us from A to B, providing tickets, T-shirts, etc., etc., etc. Absolutely wonderful!!

Great talks with a extremely active community for example on Twitter or Facebook. Easiest way to join the conference was just to listen to what the keynote speakers like Tristan or Seth had to tell about the history, present and future of Mozilla with Firefox in particular.

Great participation, you could join in one of the Advocacy-sessions with Mark Surman about Drumbeat. And I mean, how often do you get the opportunity to do a brainstormsession with Mike Beltzner, CEO of Firefox and Mary Colvig, head of Mozilla marketing, on how to make others aware (in our case photographers) to create an open web? We had come up with the idea of a Facebook.app which would show options for credits and share-ability and the option to tag photos with #iownthis as a way of expressing the desire to have more ownership over our digital content. Really cool and inspiring.
Next to L10n there's my interest in marketing and with that in mind the session with Mary Colvig and Barbara Hüppe, European Communications Manager, was cool too. We already made some progress in the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Firefox on 9 november. Several headlines were discussed, like "Firefox Powers The Web" and we thought about who to invite spreading the word: Oprah, Obama, Ballmer, Jobs, John Lilly?
To the left my proposed image to accompany the celebration, the 5 in a perspective view representing the past 5 years and the straight up Firefox logo meaning that Firefox is standing strong. Of course this is just a simple mock-up, Mozilla's graphical designers can do way better.

Great fun, we did have good laughs with sundaymorning as the top highlight, seeing Chris Hoffman doing his version of "I love this Community".

Great future, that's what I see for Firefox and Mozilla

Gee, do I love this Community!

zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

Openweb diskusje op MozCamp 2009

De earste moarn op MozCamp yn Praach giet mei nammen oer it OpenWeb. Hoe kin elkenien sels bepale hoe en wat hy op it ynternet docht en noch belangriker hoe kin it beskerme wurde. Wat foar kontrole hawwe wy oer de data dy't wy op it ynternet pleatse fia blogs, facebook, hyves, ensfh. Is it byg. mooglik om foto's letter wer feilich fan FlickR te heljen of opmerkings fan blogs en mienskipssiden. Dêr ûntsteane ynteressante diskusjes.
Letter mear....