woensdag 9 juni 2010

maandag 7 juni 2010

First Dutch Thunderbird meeting

Although, while writing the title of this article, I am not sure if this was really the first Dutch Thunderbird meeting, it sure was for me. After some discussions with Ludovic, who is responsible for Thunderbird's QA and lives (as a Frenchmen) in The Netherlands, we finally arranged a small gathering in Utrecht.
We ended up with the five of us. Tim Maks as the lead of the Dutch localization, Adri who is the upmost active moderator of the best Dutch Mozilla forum MozBrowser.nl, of course Ludovic, Onno Ekker being active as bugsolver and add-on creator (Forward) and me being responsible for the Frisian localization.
Of course we all "know" each other online, it is always nice to talk face to face to each other and most conversations aren't as short as they are mostly online. There's more time for discussing ideas, brainstorming and of course drinking a beer with fellow Mozillians.
We want to continue this kind of gatherings, maybe taking this to a broader audience by doing it for all Mozilla-products or together with a Mozilla event. Let's see what comes out.