vrijdag 6 maart 2009

First Mozilla Presentation at MozCamp in Utrecht

So I did it, my first real short presentation for Mozilla.

Last week I was asked by Fabrice Mous from NOIV to do a small talk about the Dutch Mozilla Community. Well that's an honour, since I am not that a specific frontman of the community, more like the Frisian one. All I had to do is tell who I am and what I do for Mozilla.
After the introduction I told the audience of 70 people about my start with the internet by using Netscape in the early 90's, because it was fast and safe. And I continued to use it via Mozilla Suite, Phoenix, Firebird and Firefox throughout the years.
What made it interesting was the ability to change the programs as you like with little programs, called add-ons these days and see other people using and enjoying it. A larger change was the translation of Firefox into Frisian and started as a gimmick, but in 2005 I gathered some people to get it completely done and with we had an official localization ready in 2006. Since last week there is also a Frisian Thunderbird in the bèta's, pretty nice!
So what about the Dutch Community? In my view there are a view important websites, namely:
www.mozilla-nl.org and
In the hallway I met some other people who are involved in development and Q&A, etc. All people who haven't met each other earlier, so this was a great chance to see the community is actually larger than the view I have. I guess th Dutch Community has some structuring to do to give them some sort of central place for all activities.

Right now I am listening to Paul Rouget talking about the canvas element while working on Tristans Hollywood entrance.

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me in Amsterdam zei


I was there and I have to say I enjoyed your presentation. We could see you are not a professional speaker but just listening to your story, your involvement and the result was simply impressive. I enjoyed that day because I now know there is a dutch open source community.