woensdag 29 oktober 2008

Did I become a Mozillian?

So hey, did you all Mozillians get home save? I have had a tremendous time meeting you all as this was the first time for me. It was great to be able to speak to the "leaders" of the different products face 2 face and I think William and Delphine did organize it very well.

Starting off with some inspiring keynotes from Tristan Nitot, John Lilly, Aza Raskin and David Ascher we really got a sneak peak of Mozilla's future ideas. And all was almost realtime viewable online thanks to the splendid videocapabilities from Citilab, which was much appreciated at home :) .

In the afternoon talks and discussions about localizations and stuff. Seth mentioned that there were already 56 languages available and with 3.0.4 there would be 6 more! That's a great number and it is still growing. As a localizer it's also cool to see "your" language on the slideshow (1st column, 3rd from the botttom).

I also had to deal with my great friend from Sweden, David Tenser, pushing us to dive into the Mozilla Knowledge Base SUMO. And that's what I did when I came home. Most of the user interface has been translated into Frisian and we will get started with some articles.

Dinner at the beach at the Salcafé was great and that's where the Dutch Mozillians hooked up for a while. Despite the small country, there were 5 from the Netherlands, 2 localizers (nl and fy-NL), 1 developer, 1 theme creator and 1 from QA. I also met the guys from joost who actually work in The Netherlands.

During lunchtime I met Simon Paquet and we had some great talks about communication channels for the Thunderbird proces. One might have jumped to other conclusions if you would have met him later that evening on our way back to the hotel. He was in a pretty bad state as you can see in the pic and starting to talk visual binairy language using his middlefinger for 1 and thumb-pointingfinger for 0 :).

Sunday was a bit strange with canceled sessions and sore heads, but anyway the discussions about the future goals for 2010 really gave me the idea to participate in the future of the internet.
Also interesting was Ubiquity, one new way to access the internet.

All in all I have had a great, inspiring conference to remember and I hope to see you all the next time!

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